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Out Of Province Inspections


At Sherwood Honda, we take pride in providing quality out of province inspections completed at our licensed facility by highly qualified and licensed Journeymen Technicians.

Upon arrival to Alberta, you will require an OOP(Out of Province Inspection) within 90 days prior to being able to register your vehicle. This is to ensure all vehicles on Alberta roads meet the high standard of safety set out by the Government of Alberta Transportation division.  We have the ability to do an OOP on almost any Make or Model.

As the owner of the vehicle, you will need to visit your local Alberta registry first to purchase an Out Of Province request form. Once you have this you can call us any time to book an appointment for your inspection. Typically, OOP inspections will take 2 hours once the inspection has begun. The cost of the inspection is $199.88. During this inspection, our technicians will thoroughly inspect components such as:

·        - Windshield and all glass condition (front window tint not allowed)

·        - Diagnostic health check (scan all systems for any dtc’s or fault codes)

·        - Interior components such as horn operation, HVAC controls, sun visors, seats and seatbelts, pedal assemblies, etc.

·        - All lights will be checked to ensure OEM spec and proper operation.

·        - Exterior checks of general body condition, bumpers, fuel cap, etc.

·        - Condition of hood latch and prop rod, battery, drive belts, fuel system, intake and exhaust manifolds, any fluid leaks, etc.

·        - All steering and suspension components such as tie rods, control arms, ball joints, shocks/struts, rack and pinion, etc.

·        - Tires will be checked to ensure they are over 3/32, matching type of tire and of the same size with no abnormal wear or cracking.

·        - Brake system checked for any cracking or leaks, brake pad or shoe wear must be over 2mm in good condition, brake drum/rotor condition and thickness, and confirm park brake is in good working order.

·        - Under vehicle will be checked for corrosion to structural components, body damage, drive shaft or axle condition, drivetrain component mounts, fuel and exhaust system.

If for any reason your vehicle does not meet the OOP guidelines, an estimate will be provided for required work. You then have 14 days to have the work completed and re-inspected. If the reinspection is completed within 14 days, there is no charge. However, if you wait longer than 14 days, a new full OOP is required by law.

After the inspection, we at Sherwood Honda could complete all mechanical repairs required to pass the out of province inspection in hopes to build a relationship with you as a customer to have a trusted repair facility near your new home.

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