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At Sherwood Honda we know that our team is our most valuable asset. After all, we’re a family dealership!


Our team is all about enthusiasm, excellence, teamwork, respect and constant improvement- so when we're looking for our newest team members, this is what we focus on.  We believe in a fun environment, where we strive to deliver a world-class customer experience.


Working at Sherwood Honda will provide exciting challenges, opportunities for advancement, and development of your technical and business skill.  All this with excellent pay, so you will benefit financially, and challenge your professional growth!


Sherwood Honda is one of the best places to work because we value our team so highly, encouraging a “Sherwood Honda Family” culture. It is our team that drives this thriving culture, helping us create a fun upbeat environment that is friendly, warm, and exciting. We look after each other, encourage each other, and cheer for one another’s success. We work hard side by side, and we play together too! Sherwood Honda believes that work and fun should go hand in hand.


Our leaders are here to be one of the team; they help team members find ways to overcome obstacles, to grow and succeed. Our leaders want to make the work environment enjoyable and profitable!


At Sherwood Honda we believe the best team members have a positive influence on one another and our customers. We strive to eliminate any negativity and unhealthy criticism. We believe it is essential to work toward harmonious relationships within our team and with all we come in contact with.


If you and Sherwood Honda seem like the right fit, head to the Employment Application on our website and apply today!



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